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Soul Illuminations


Awakening Hearts & Reconnecting Souls


Living, Breathing, Being Love,

Dreaming Awake,

Illuminating Soul into Matter

Welcome Fellow Soul,

I'm delighted you're here.  Thank you for traversing the epic journey from boundless starlight into human form.  I'm happy to serve you in remembrance of your most essential nature and free self.

The intention of Soul Illuminations is to help you clear the conduits of your body & mind, and become a pure vessel for love  to guide your life.  If you are new here, I recommend you visit the Wisdom Teachings section of this site and listen to a few of the short teachings there that have titles which catch your eye.  Each teaching is about 10 minutes long and you can listen for free on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.


If you are familiar with me or found me on a social platform where I'm channelling sounds or frequencies that resonated with you,  sometimes referred to as Light Language, or my favorite term Starlight Glossolalia, then I recommend you check out the Soul Transmissions section on this site to hear more.


If you want more direct support and you are ready live self-empowered, self-realized, and express your heart fully, please check out the Gatherings section to sign up to participate in our monthly virtual meetings and/or the Mentorship section to enroll in our Awaken Your Heart 6 month program.  

Excited to be here with you to Live, Breathe, Be Love, Dream Awake & Illuminate Soul into Matter.  

With Love & In Service,

Dr. Amanda Love

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Wisdom Teachings

Short 10 minute teachings on a variety of spiritual topics. Great for a daily dose of insight, clarity or inspiration. Listen on YouTube, Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts. 

Soul Transmissions

Channelled soul frequency messages that support opening into your heart and your multidimensional self. These messages do not contain mental content, but rather speak Soul to Soul.  


Virtual Gatherings

Participate in monthly group zoom gatherings that are centered around themes related to self-empowerment, self-realization and living  from the heart


Join the 6 month "Awaken Your Heart" mentorship. It is an answer to the call for those who want to awaken their heart and live in love with life.  

Let's Begin
Amanda has helped me come home to me.  I now find so much more comfort in my body, ease in my mind, acceptance of my emotions and patience with my life’s journey.  Working with Amanda is truly well-rounded, deep and expansive!  

Jennah Synnestvedt

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