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Dr. Amanda Love, Light Language, Wisdom Teachings, Soul Transmissions at Soul Illuminations


Dr. Amanda Love at Soul Illuminations, Light Language &  Wisdom Teachings at Soul Illuminations

Dr. Amanda Love

Dr. Amanda Love is the founder of Soul Illuminations. She is a Spiritual Guide, a no nonsense Empowerment Facilitator, and a Network Spinal Analysis Chiropractor.  For the last 14 years she has been supporting people in the softening and dismantling of their self-defensive pattering at the neurological, psychological & spiritual levels.  Her passion is in helping people clear the conduits of their body & mind and becoming a pure vessel for Source Intelligence.  

Dr. Amanda holds degrees in Chiropractic (2010), Acupuncture (2011) & Occupational Therapy (2004).  She graduated from Luminous Awareness Institute's Energy & Awakening School in 2019.  She has been certified as a Network Practitioner & Somato-Respiratory Integration Facilitator since 2012.  She's studied self-empowerment & self-realization for the last 20 years with a small handful of aligned teachers.  She lives in Boulder, Colorado and runs the Sanctuary for Heart Magic, a center that supports people in finding, feeling and living from their heart.  

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