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Master Your State of Being

6 Month Mentorship to Master your State of Being

If you are like most people who are on a spiritual growth journey you may have gone to all of the retreats, programs, weekend workshops, and taken all the online courses in order to heal and awaken. You may have a healer, coach or practitioner that you visit periodically between programs and workshops, but your true capacity to live the state of being that you desire is not fully actualized.

Master your State of Being is a 6 month, playful and to the point, immersive program to help you stabilize as your chosen state of being regardless of the circumstances or situations in your life.  All too often we take our cue from our outer circumstances rather than from our preferred and chosen inner state.  Many people don't even realize that they get to choose what they feel, think and want.  


We have many beliefs that run counter to us living as the empowered beings that we are.  This program will help support you in seeing what it is that you are unconsciously choosing, and illuminate your own inner workings, so that you come into conscious choice over whatever it is you feel and experience.  

Mastering your state of being is an inner game.  No one can change how you perceive and what you believe except for you.  This program is not a dogma, nor will it attempt to change your beliefs for you, rather it will help you see how you operate, what you tolerate, and where you perceive limitations so that you can choose for yourself.  This is true self-empowerment.  

In this program you will:

  • Get clear on what you are currently choosing and how it is creating your experience of life

  • Discover your limiting beliefs that interfere with the permission you need to fully be yourself 

  • Prioritize your inner state of being more than whatever is happening in the outer appearance of life

  • Learn to trust and follow your passion and excitement 

  • Be a integral part of a collective field of people all focused on the same desire of self-actualization

  • Build your fun muscle

  • Love yourself through tough learnings & reflections

  • Take 100% responsibility for your state of being

  • Discern the most exciting ways to be of service

  • Find the courage to be yourself

  • Experience feeling completely empowered no matter what

The 3 components of the program: 

  1. Zoom calls twice a month.  Each month will have a different theme.  The live 6 month group program takes place twice per year making available two possible entry points into the program. One round runs January-June & a second round runs July-December of each year.  See themes, and dates & times below.

  2. Private Telegram group chat among participants of the group to reflect, share and ask questions.

  3. Access to Teachable educational platform for homework assignment, exercises, and materials to support your experience.

Monthly Themes



Dive into discovering what your current beliefs are about yourself, life and reality, and how those beliefs inform your experience.


Special focus on what limiting beliefs you have around the topics of your health, your relationship with your body, and your mission or purpose in this life.

Live your calling and be of service with Dr. Amanda Love at Soul Illuminations


Learn to trust your joy and excitement as guidance from your higher self about what directions to go, what actions to take in your life, and know that you know.



Discover the joy of living empowered and influencing your world through your chosen state of being.

Live your calling, Be of service, Spiritual Seeker


Work with your greatest fears as they arise. Allow, move towards, reframe and learn to dance with your doubts.



Return to love over and over and over again.  Letting your heart be your compass for all actions and endeavors, inner & outer.

Who this program is for...

You might be wondering if this type of program is for you.  Not all who find this page will be ready or find relevance for this type program in their life and that is 100% ok.  There is a high level of personal commitment, accountability and presence that is required in order for you to feel successful and stabilize in your chosen state of being.  It is therefore vital that it is a fit all around.  You must be tired of being tired, of settling in the thought that your current state of being is as good as it gets, of mediocrity, of doing the minimum required to make your life work, and of the lack and scarcity mindset.  You must have a surging desire to live empowered, in the ways your heart knows you can, even if you don't know what it all means yet.  Above all you must have an intensely high desire to know yourself and to live an intentional life devoted to the full expression of you being yourself in every thought, word, act and deed.

It is important to clearly state what this program is and what it is not.  This is not a healing, fixing or curing program.  What this means is that it does not aim to fix any perceived problems or conditions in your body or life.  It is however aimed at helping you shift from perceiving obstacles that appear to stand in the way of you being you, into utilization of such catalyst, in order to light a fire underneath your butt so that you stop taking nonsense from yourself.  This program will at times feel fierce and confrontational as you come up against some of your most tightly held perspectives that want to keep you victimized to the conditions of your mind or life.  


This is not a passive, conceptual or intellectual program.  It is instead experiential and your active participation is required in all aspects of it. You will not be given some magical answers from an external source that will do it for you, but will instead learn how to self-reference, self-empower and self-know.   


What is the time commitment to this program?

The program is 6 months in duration.  The live zoom calls will occur on Saturdays at 11a MT.  Calls will be 2-3 hours in duration.  The dates for the calls are as follows.

July 2024-December 2024 program dates:

July 13th &27th

August 10th & 24th

September 7th & 21st

October 5th & 19th

November 2nd & 16th

December 7th & 21st

Your presence during the zoom meetings is pivotal for participation in the program.  In the case that you need to miss 1-2 meetings during the course of the program they will be recorded and placed on the teaching platform for your review.  If you feel you will need to miss more than 2 meetings then this program is not a good fit.    

What is the cost investment for the program?

The cost of the 6 month program is $3000 if paid as a one time payment due upon acceptance to the program.  There is also a monthly payment option of $550/month for 6 months.  For the monthly payment plan option, payments are set up as an automatic debit on the 1st day of each month.  If you feel a strong call to the program, but need a different financial structure please reach out and propose your thoughts.  Currently there are no scholarships or work exchanges available for this program.    

Is there a cancellation & refund policy?

The goal of this program is to have a proper fit from the start.  Application processes are in place in order to align for appropriateness and readiness for this program.  We also understand that life is unpredictable and unplanned events occur.  If during the course of the program an extreme unplanned life event occurs or it is deemed that the program is not a proper fit for you by Amanda Love, an assessment of the situation will be done between involved parties.  No refunds will be made for portions of the course already completed.  If withdraw/termination from the program is required, then appropriate adjustments will be made for used/unused portions of the program, plus an additional 20% early termination fee will be charged based on the overall cost of the program (in this case $600).  As a disclaimer, if you do not intend to complete the program or feel you may not have funds to participate in it, please do not apply at this time.  

What's included in the program fee?

The 6 month program fee includes:

  • 12 Zoom calls based on the 6 monthly themes

  • Private communication group on Telegram for reflections, sharing, & asking questions

  • Access to Teachable platform for session recordings, homework assignments, exercises & additional materials

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