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Shifting perspectives

Imagine what it would be like to look out at all of life and see it as enough. To see nothing lacking, nothing missing and nothing that needs progress or change. For a moment to be content with what is. Notice how you feel when you look out and see enough. Now share this same outward perspective of enoughness inwardly. See yourself, your body, your inner journey, and wherever you are in life at this moment as enough. Again notice how you feel. Recognize the ease and sense of calm rested-ness that becomes instantly available when you see this way. Notice how your entire system relaxes and you become present and available to whatever is here now. This enoughness is what most all of us crave. Many of us are tired. Tired of feeling like life is scarce, like we have to work hard to survive, that we must stay vigilant, can never relax, or that something must change. It’s exhausting to view from the perspective of not enough. Yet most of us don’t realize that it is simply a perspective. We believe scarcity to be reality.

Enoughness is always present, always available, and always here. It requires only that you bring your focus on it. What we focus on we experience. It’s challenging for the mind to accept this and to change its beliefs in this way. We really want to keep believing what we believe even if what we believe doesn’t feel good. We think that it’s the only option. We don’t see ourselves in the equation as the source of our experience. Due to this unawareness of ourselves as the source of what we experience we often feel powerless to our beliefs rather than in charge of them. Until we see ourselves and simultaneously really, really want to believe something different, we won’t. We will choose the same beliefs that feel bad, that generate the same feelings of fear, lack and scarcity, that is until we are truly fed up or things in our life or body break down.

It’s a bit of an interesting paradox that we have to really convince ourselves to want what we want. We all want to feel abundant and in the state of enoughness, yet we must be really tempted to make that choice in perspective. We will come up with one hundred million reasons why we can’t choose it, one hundred million ways to disbelieve that it’s possible, and one hundred million insistences why we must keep our old belief system of scarcity, lack and not enough. Life will give us challenges where it will feel hard to choose the perspective of enoughness and yet that is the inner work required to make the change in belief. The challenges are the perfect gift, the most pristine catalyst, that you need in order to choose the perspective of your true desire.


Choosing enough

Choosing the perspective you desire is not always easy. When the experience of life appears empty of things you desire, or it feels like life is not working for you and you can’t make sense of what appears to not be inside of your experience, doubts arise. When doubt is present you default to your habitual way of perceiving life, which for most is through the lack and scarcity lens. Fear arises based on how you are perceiving things to be and you find yourself stuck. Stuck in nothing more than a perspective, yet it feels like so much more than that. You might wonder how things can just be a matter of perspective, perhaps it seems too simple, yet how could they be anything else? Two people could experience the exact same situation or conditions, and experience them very different based on how they perceive the experience.

Living from enoughness or completeness is entirely possible. It is not fantastical to entertain this as your lived experience. You must first start seeing the challenges that seem contrary to enoughness in your life as opportunities to learn it. What this means is that when situations arise that seem to activate your lack, not enough, or scarce thoughts, you must see these situations as opportunities to choose a new perspective, and then you must actively choose to see abundance where you previously saw it as not. Again your mind will likely resist this at first. It won’t want to make the change in perspective because it doesn’t yet believe it. That’s ok. Choose it anyways and then notice that you begin to feel better. You might oscillate back and forth between choosing lack and then choosing to see enough. You might go back of forth 15-100 times for just one situation or challenge that presents itself, and that’s ok. That oscillation back and forth is building a muscle, you inner muscle of enoughness.

Lack perspectives can just be tricky to see. They can come dressed up in a strong need to make progress or make something different. Though this might seem very natural to you to want to make progress, because it is quite engrained in us that this is what we are supposed to be doing as humans, you must recognize what your need to make progress is rooted in. Do you feel that there is somewhere better to get too? Do you feel where you are is not enough? Do you feel there is something wrong with what is happening now and you need to make it different? All of that is rooted in lack and not enoughness.

When instead you choose the perspective of enoughness and become rooted in it, life still flows, and there is still projects, activities and happenings. The difference is that you play in the unfolding of life rather than try to make stuff happen to it. It quite a bit more easeful even though there is still activity and doing occurring. There is nothing to fix so you have less attachment to any outcome and your only purpose in doing is to have fun and because you enjoy it, not because something more or better must occur. This is what is to come from enough rather than to try to get to enough. If you keep trying to get there you will never arrive. If instead you simply choose it, over and over and over again until you are rested there, then and only then will you experience it.

Dr. Amanda Love

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