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Your high self is here now

Entrainment is a process of two independent systems or frequencies coming into alignment or phase with one another. We can see this in biology as our circadian rhythms (i.e. light/dark sleep cycles) come into alignment with the seasons or time changes. We also see this in physical systems such as when two individual pendulum clocks that are sitting on the same surface become synchronized to each other in their movements. Energy gets transferred between the two independent moving systems and eventually they get locked into phase or frequency together for the period of time that they are interacting.

Our individual physiological, psychological and I’ll even say our spiritual frequencies or rhythms can respond and lock into phase with other frequencies or oscillating bodies. This in fact how spinal entrainment works when you are laying on the table receiving Network Care. One spinal segment or oscillator interacts with another spinal segment or oscillator and they entrain to each other, hence why we call the sessions entrainments. Entrainment is happening all of the time though it’s mostly unconscious to us. Individual cells in our body are entraining to rhythms or frequencies put out by master gland or organ systems. If we are around one person a lot we will start mimicking some of their behaviors or even moving or sounding like them. When we attend a retreat or healing program we will start entraining to the field that is created there with the intention that is set by those who are running the program. This is why we might have access to different thoughts, emotions or spiritual frequencies that we don’t typically have access to when we are there.

To me the process of entrainment clearly demonstrates that everything is vibrating/oscillating energy or frequency, and when we come into different environmental conditions, energies will vibrate or oscillate together. In the process of entrainment, whatever energy or vibration is stronger or more coherent, that is the one that the two will come together and oscillate as. If you have followed this so far then you could extrapolate that your higher self, which is that self that knows, understands, and sees from a much wider vantage point such as like the perspectives of an eagle to an ant, is also energy or frequency. It’s simply vibrating at a different frequency than the one that your conscious mind is vibrating at right now. Energy can never be created or destroyed which means that the frequency of your higher self is here now in existence. Even if you don’t have conscious awareness of it, it is here among the frequencies of creation and is part of the cosmic environment.


Becoming in phase with your higher self

I often talk about focus and where we place it. Our focus, meaning our awareness, will only notice what we choose to tune into. For example if we are not at all interested in basketball we will probably never see a basketball game. We know it exists, but we place no awareness or energy into noticing its existence. If however you are incredibly interested in chocolate you will likely seek out chocolate wherever you go, meaning it will be inside of your experience a lot of the time. Even though it seems like “spiritual” things are more elusive than say basketball or chocolate, using your focus or awareness works the same way. If you have no interest in seeing angels you will likely never see one, however if you have an intense desire and love of angels you will more likely interact with them because your desire, focus and love brings them into your environment. I see this the same as for your higher self.

You might ask yourself how much energy, time or focus you give to your higher self? Equally you may ask yourself how connected you feel to it? You may even have to ask yourself if you believe in it. If not that is totally ok, however you will likely need to shift that belief if you have desire to make contact with it, as our beliefs generate our experiences. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to feel clear, confident, easeful, peaceful, rested, vital, aligned, fearless, abundant, blissful, wise, loving, compassionate, discerning and endlessly energized. These are some of the frequencies that your higher self is constituted as. What if connecting to these frequencies is the equivalent of entraining to your higher self? What if as you use your focus to tune into these qualities of higher self you entrain or become more and more in phase with the frequency of your higher self? It is after all just physics and biology at play in the realm beyond our ordinary visual sense awareness of what is.

Focus is one of those things that is not very natural for most. Most of us can’t choose to one-pointedly focus on whatever we choose for as long we want. We will get distracted nine hundred billion times by thoughts, feelings and sensations. So if we want to use focus then we must train it just like we would train any other muscle. In my humble opinion training your focus is probably the most worthwhile muscle to train because your ability to focus is your power. Focus can activate every single super power that currently lays dormant in the infinite field of vast consciousness. It is the attractive force of the universe. It is what allows instant manifestation to occur. Meditation is probably the best tool currently in existence to help you build your focus muscle.

Entraining to the frequency of your higher self locks your current state of being into phase with your higher state of being, meaning your current state entrains to your higher state. For as long as you maintain your focus on your higher self you will create the environmental conditions for entrainment to happen. As soon as you lose focus, you fall out of the conditions required for entrainment and begin operating as a separate independent system again, entraining to your ordinary state of being and knowing. Focus is the key, which is fueled by practice and your desire to live a more magical experience of existence.

Dr. Amanda Love

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