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Life is not ours to get

As much at it might seem that we are here to consume life, we are actually here to create it. Due to the fact that most people are disconnected from the awareness of themselves as a creator, there is a tendency to experience life as an effect, a destination or something to consume. Our minds like to generate trajectories of getting. Getting to the next location, the next exciting opportunity, the next moment when we can relax, the next meal, or getting any one of our million perceived needs and wants met or fulfilled. Consumption, or getting, is so natural to us that we don’t even notice that is how we are operating. We might think that we are completely without agenda, yet if we investigate ourselves a bit deeper we will find where and how we attempt to manipulate life in order to get or consume for ourselves.

Consuming life comes from an attempt to create safety and pleasure, through and in, your outer experience. Most look to find ease, stability and comfort through sensation, feeling and getting what we want or need. This comes in a multitude of forms from what you put in your mouth, what you purchase, the thoughts you think, the motivation behind your actions and the structure of your life. We attempt to feel satisfaction and fulfillment by what we consume, as if somehow consumption will make us feel permanently good, even if we know it is only temporary. We must keep getting our fix so that we can maintain feeling good, relaxed and safe. This becomes a chase. A chase to keep consuming life.

Recognizing yourself as a creator has nothing to do with creating stability in the picture of life and safely consuming it so that the illusion of all of your needs and wants is met. Rather it is about moving with life and what you are inspired and excited to bring forth. Not for your own individual pleasures and safety, but simply because it’s fun for you to create. Creating for nothing more than the action of creating itself. A response to an impulse or a call that moves you. Not creating to consume it, but rather to give your creation to life as your offering, your sharing, and your contribution of the impulse of excitement and desire that runs through you.

Many create in order to consume. We build businesses, buy things, create a family, plan trips, develop community, etc. in order to consume it, rather than giving it as a gift to life. When was the last time you looked at your life and all you’ve created so far and saw it through the lens of what you are giving to life. Your home, your car, your belongings, your business, your children, your family, your partner, your community, and on and on, are not yours. They are not things or stuff you have, but rather they are what you can offer to life. How do you use what you’ve created to give it to life rather than relate to it as something that is yours?


Magic of giving

There is an energetic reward of sorts for creating or giving to life. The more we give to life, rather than attempt to get from life, the more energy we feel. You might even say that our vibration, or state of being, elevates. This comes with a sense of levity, spontaneity, aliveness, and excitement. Things seem to flow and move together even if we don’t know or see how it’s all related and connected. Giving to life, or giving to the things in our life, brings us into greater energetic coherence. Asking how or what can I give to this will instantly align you with how you can serve in any moment. Rather than feeling lost, confused, frustrated or hopeless, you will feel the inspiration of the impulse of giving and sharing yourself.

For some people this might all sound exhausting. All this giving. A part of you might say, what about me? How am I going to be ok? Another part might insist that it doesn’t have any extra time or energy to give or create more. You might feel or find yourself wanting to conserve what little energy you have, so you limit or cap your creation and fall into consumption. Believe it or not, it actually drains our energy and lowers our state of vibration to simply consume life. A life of consumption is kind of like a bottomless pit that can never be filled. It feels heavy, tired and doesn’t have much motivation or desire. It keeps getting and taking yet never feels full. It only experiences temporary fulfillment. Motivation and desire comes from creating and therefore the only way to fill this pit is to give to life.

There is a magic that happens in creating that you don’t experience until you shift from consuming life to creating it. See creating is the same as loving. To create is to love. When you create or give to life you are instantly included in all of it. When you follow the call or the inspiration to create, you are taken care of. Somehow, someway life will always support you. You likely will not know how it will happen, and you might fall into doubt from time to time, but with continued focus on creating simply to create you will come to see that this is the case.

There is nothing to grab and hold onto in this life. You are a creator not a getter. You are not a passive recipient or an effect of life, you are the creator of it. When we try to stabilize life, or stabilize our outer experience so that we can consume it, we stagnate and feel lifeless. We feel lifeless because we aren’t utilizing our life giving potential. We focus on what isn’t, what we don’t have that we want, and feel powerless to our circumstance. When instead you see that everything inside of your current experience is something you can ‘give life/love to’ rather than something you ‘have or get’, you activate and utilize your creator power. When you ask yourself in every situation, what can I give to this, you come to life. You feel energized. You elevate. It doesn’t even matter what you do or the things you create. It matters only that you come from being the creator, from giving, from loving.

Dr. Amanda Love

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