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Rhythms of development

There are many rhythms in this cosmic-human dance. Stages of development, themes, and learnings that we all experience. The stages themselves are quite predictable, but the content of them and how we learn what we learn, is unique for each being. Each stage or rhythm is whole onto itself and yet is part of larger wholeness. The goal of each stage or rhythm is to be in it. To be where you are even if you don’t like where you are or wish you were at some other place on the path. Integration or learning occurs when you accept where you are, and then naturally the next rhythm or stage reveals itself to you. It’s synonymous with a child who rolls over, sits up, crawls, stands and then walks. Each next developmental step reveals itself as the child masters where it’s at. The child does not go from rolling over straight to walking even it really wants to. There is a natural sequence and staging to the learning.

We are all like children, learning and developing as we go. While our development is less focused on achieving sensory-motor milestones and more on the development of our consciousness, perspectives and inner workings, it is nonetheless still development. Sometimes there are shortcuts or quick accelerations, but they are rare. We must master each stage before moving to the next one. For example, it’s quite challenging to sustainably go from believing you are a separate person, into knowing there are no others in a quick flash. While you might have a momentary experience of this in a peak state, there are many stages in between that must first be learned in order for you to go beyond conceptual knowing into living your knowing.

One such stage of our development could be called “healing”. There are many rhythms inside of healing, but for simplicity sake we could say that healing is the stage of our development where we believe that we are not whole. Our perspective is such that something is/was wrong or lacking in our self, experience or environment, and we seek to find completion or wholeness. The end of healing is the knowing that there is no (and never was) disharmony, imperfection or lack. It’s knowing that the natural state of all is complete. That there is nothing lacking inside or outside in all of creation. In the perceived space from healing to wholeness there is a whole slew of learning that is primarily concerned with you reclaiming and remembering your power, what you are, and that you are the creator of all you experience. So much so until your only response to any event, sensation, emotion, thought, or experience is love. Once achieved, you know wholeness as all that is, and move forward into the next stage of development called service.


Dare to heal

Some people might think it’s arrogant to think that you could ever stop needing to heal. They see healing as something you must do forever, that it has no end, and that you are either arrogant or spiritually bypassing something if you even entertain that you could live whole. I personally don’t agree with that perspective, but as always choose whichever perspective resonates and feels more accurate for you. I see healing as a stage of development, not the be all end all. Healing is a stage where the focus is on ourselves and our inner workings. It is about unearthing or unpacking our disempowering, discordant and incoherent patterns and ways of being. It is revealing the ways we have deceived ourselves, how we’ve believed things that feel bad and ultimately are not true, and where we see ourselves as a product or circumstance of life rather than as the creator of our life. It is a correction of the perspective of seeing lack into seeing only wholeness. Healing is an absolutely important, vital, and necessary stage of development, one that can’t be overstepped or passed by, and there is both learning and life beyond healing.

Life beyond healing is serving. In service the focus is no longer on you. It’s not about what you think is right or better. It’s not about what you want to happen or any outcome at all. It’s not about validating, empowering yourself or making yourself feel good. It’s not about sensations in your body coming or going away. It’s not about becoming worthy. All of those things must be known, must be intact, must be taken care of, for the next rhythm of your development to be revealed to you, which is that of serving. Service is oriented towards giving and is rested in the heart. If you don’t clear up all of those other things in your life and know all as whole, than your service will always have some personal agenda in it, which is not really service, but is still part of your own healing process. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, in fact I’d say almost all of us do this as we are healing and developing, but at some point there is a demarcation. A kind of line in the sand in which where you come from is serving rather than healing.

Serving is not better than healing. It’s simply the next developmental stage on the path. Just like for the toddler, walking is not better than standing up. Walking simply proceeds as the next learning once we master standing. Mastering healing is knowing your worth, knowing all is well & has always been well, and that nothing is outside of perfection even if you don’t like it or agree with it. As you move towards mastering healing you realize that your life is not yours; it never has been. You’ve never been a separate person with a separate life. To the person that is in an early to middle stage of healing, this would be ludicrous to entertain. In fact it is imperative that they realize that they are a person and that they can impact their emotions, their body and their environment. That learning must be integrated first, which is why you must always accept where you are. Learn the lessons of the place and stage that you are in. Nothing is better somewhere else, it’s just different. Enjoy wherever you are. Find levity in everything. Make it as fun as you can. Ultimately it’s all smoke and mirrors. Energetic patterns configuring and reconfiguring into infinity. Just play and enjoy it all.

Dr. Amanda Love

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