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Recognizing what is

What moves us? What drives us? What is our fuel source? What are we made of? At the source of everything is love. We know this, at least we know it conceptually, but how do we really grok this, get this and live this? Love is boundless, infinite and inexhaustible, yet why does it seem scarce and limited inside of our experience? Let’s first be clear on our definitions. Love is not an emotion, but it is the source of all emotion. Love is not a thought, but it is the source of all thought. Love is not a sensation, but it is the source of all sensations. Understand we often confuse love for its expressions rather than recognize it as the source of all expressions. Love is the birthplace/birth space of all of creation. It’s the very fabric of the universe, that which everything is made from.

Love is exchanged or expressed when it is recognized, acknowledged or made aware of by you, by your awareness. The primary reason that love seems to be limited or scare is because it remains largely unrecognized in our day to day life. Whatever we tune our awareness to or focus on we see. Sometimes, or rather oftentimes, we look out and we see our judgments, labels, stories and ideas about what we think we are seeing rather than seeing what is, which is love. When our judgments, labels, stories and ideas dominate our awareness, which they do for most people, then our life experience is the fabrication of those things. We see what we think rather than what actually is.

You can see here that love is not what’s limited, but only our experience of it is limited based on what we choose to see. To see all as love, as what it is, is a high ask of ourselves. Our conditioning is such that to our mind’s stories and ideas this seems ridiculous. We have a multitude of perspectives, experiences, situations and things that we do not, and often refuse to see as love. For example things that have created physical, mental or emotional pain for ourselves or others we tend not to see as love. Things that we don’t understand or that we disagree with we tend to leave out of love. While some expressions of love may be sourced from a more distorted or confused perspective, at their core they are still love. When love in its purity isn’t recognized as such then it continues to play out and create expressions of love that are more twisted or bent. Not until the source of love can be looked upon and seen as what it is and have itself reflected back to it, can it come to see itself and unbind some of its bent or confused perspectives. But we tend to not do this for ourselves or for others. Rather we look at the confused expression of love and offer only our judgments, fears and condemnation. Hence we live in a collective reality where love seems limited and scarce.


Seeing self as the source

In order to see all as love, and to recognize love at its source, you must first know yourself as the source of love. You are not able to mirror or reflect love to other aspects of creation if you don’t first know yourself as it. While this might seem obvious it’s a pretty big missing link for most. The primary human wounding is unworthiness and unlovability, which is the opposite end of the spectrum of knowing yourself as love. Knowing yourself as love is seeing yourself as it. It’s beyond sensing, feeling or thinking of yourself as love. Although those are great entry points they still don’t go direct to the source of love, but rather utilize expressions of it. To be rested as love, to know it without doubt, to recognize yourself unequivocally as it, to no longer need to think, feel or sense yourself as it because you are it, is to know yourself as love.

Why don’t we know it? Primarily because we’ve agreed to forget for learning sake. Also because there are not many pure mirrors available on this planet to reflect this knowing to us. The result is that we don’t see ourselves very clearly. It’s like we are constantly looking at reflections in the mirror that are bent, twisted and distorted, except they look “normal” to us. They look like who we think we are and therefore we’ve come to identify with those reflections more and more as the years have gone by. Just because something feels normal or has become familiar to us, such as our sense of identity, it doesn’t mean it’s accurate. As we’ve come to believe and accept the reflections given to us from distorted mirrors about what/who we are, we’ve naturally created our life experiences based upon these beliefs and see life through our bent perspectives. Hence again we experience a world scarce and limited in love and genuinely can’t figure out why because we don’t recognize the source of the reflections is our very own self, and how we see our very own being is what we experience life to be.

If we are indeed love, then how do we know ourselves to be it? The most direct path would be to simply accept it as fact. This is however a radical shift for most people’s belief systems and therefore direct acceptance, while entirely possible, is not highly probable. The more experiential way is to commit/devote to seeing yourself as love. Multiple times a day reflect to yourself that you are love. I suggest not focusing on your form when you do this. Many times people will practice loving their form/body, or qualities they have, or things that they do for themselves or others. Again those are expressions of love, but they are not recognizing the source of it. Instead go to the source. The essence of you is love. It is what you are made of. It is what/who you are. Yes your body, your qualities and all the things you do are expressions of love, but they aren’t the source of it. Come to know yourself, your actual self, not the fabricated body-personality of you that is made up of thoughts, labels and ideas that have been conditioned. As you get this, begin to see others as this same source, and all things/experiences as well. It is not out of your hands/heart to shift this entire creation. The change is and has always been with and inside of us. As we insist on seeing ourselves as what we are, and including the rest of creation inside of that perspective, we live a very different reality where love is abundant and inexhaustible.

Dr. Amanda Love

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