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A dash of magic

Intention guides life. Life follows focus. To some degree we all know this yet most of us aren’t really utilizing the power of it in our day to day life. Rather we are often unfocused, scattered and distracted. We decide for a moment or maybe two, that we want to feel a certain way, walk in a particular direction, or take hold of our state of being, but in the next moment we forget it. We then wonder why we can’t seem to have the healing, life or state of being that we desire. Then, on top of it all, we have a long list of impossibility beliefs to add into the mix. If we muster up our will and utilize our focus, then this or that impossibility belief rears its head. Feeling overwhelmed by it all, we stop in our tracks and give up. We return to distraction because we can’t seem to find a way through. We find ourselves feeling stuck, like we (or things) will never change and we feel resigned to life the way it is.

I think the prime difference between people who feel like they are living aligned and those that struggle to stay aligned is harnessing the power of intention and focus, along with not being afraid of a little magical thinking. If you’ve ever spent any time around a baby you know that they see the world through the lens of magic. Something appears in front of their visual field and they get absolutely ecstatic. They have no idea how it arrived or even what it is. They are simply enamored and in a state of bliss by whatever it is they see. They attempt to interact with it however they can, having no idea at all what to do with it. This is what we call playing. Then due to the fact that they have no label, definition or meaning, all they experience is magic. Magic being the essence of the thing and not the thing itself. As soon as we give names to things we no longer see the magic, and rather see only what we’ve decided something is. All other possibilities flatten.

The other thing to notice is that when babies are playing they are totally focused. They quite dislike it when you remove their “object of magic”, which they are entirely engrossed in. Their attention might move from toy to toy, but they are just as present with the next non-labelled, no meaning magical thing that arrives into their sensory experience. As we become toddlers and begin to develop our analytical thinking mind we want to know what everything is and what it all means. We start to get lost in the world of concepts rather than in the pure potential of what is. Our minds learn to multi-task and focus on facts, details and the like. We lose connection to the essence of things and begin to focus on the things themselves. We move out of present moment and into thought.


Increasing will

And well who doesn’t love thinking? To just let your mind wander from this thing to that thing. To be lost in thought. To contemplate. To imagine. It’s fun to imagine, yet for many it stops here. You might think that imagination is just imagination, not reality. You may even be very good at imagining, yet if you don’t have any intention or focus behind your imaginations they remain formless. This is not a problem, again it’s great fun to imagine in our minds, it’s only that you will not have a different human world life experience. You will be living in thought or concept. There will be a disconnection between your imaginal world (you could also say your desired world) and what you actually experience. We are at a stage of human development, in this space-time nexus, where there is massive disconnection between our desired realities and the ones we are living in. It doesn’t need to be that way, however it does take a heap of intentional focus in order to bridge the seeming gap.

Intentional focus might not be as hard as it seems, but it may appear to come at some sacrifice. See when we align ourselves with our intention and focus we have to let all of the other stuff go. That other stuff consists of a lot. It includes, but is not limited to all of our divergent or distracting thoughts, all of our tendencies to avoid what we think can or can’t be, our habits of comfort, our low demand energy states, our pictures or ideas of what our intention is supposed to look, be or feel like. We have so so so so many ideas, and while ideas are great for imagining possibilities, they can also get in the way of letting the picture of it all reveal itself to you. Our desires or imaginations are like the seeds, our intention and focus the water, and the sprouting flower just sprouts as it does. We don’t get to decide it’s appearance. We can guide and set conditions for it, but we can determine its expression. We can only nurture it’s becoming and then let it be what it will be.

If we are too fixated in our analytical mind then we will overly focus on the form of what is. We will perceive disappointment if the form doesn’t match our desire. If we return to our infant pre-mind state, we can see only the essence, the magic, the seed, the desire and then accept the form, the picture, the image that is the result. This acceptance is very different than resignation. Acceptance sees the beauty in the appearance regardless, where resignation sees only what is doesn’t want in the appearance. The distinction is the seer (ie. you). From where do you see?

Harnessing the power of intention and focus is learning to increase your will. To be determined without attachment. This is the dance of will and surrender. Coming from and with everything you’ve got and then with full embrace letting it be as it is. Giving or aligning your whole self to your intention in any given moment is magic. Essence is seen and the forms naturally reconfigure in response. This is not a forceful or manipulative will, but rather a sacrificial will of sorts. A will that will give away all of its petty distractions, impossibility beliefs and preconceived ideas for its true desire or intention. A will that aligns behinds itself and that is self-generative. A will that takes all of you, but of which you can find absolutely nothing better to give yourself too. A will that eventually becomes much bigger than you.

Dr. Amanda Love, Spiritual Coach

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