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You do not exist to do

There really is nothing more pivotal, more important and more fundamental to your existence then knowing why you are. Why you are is who you are. Why you are is your existence. It is the only function, the only purpose, the only intention that your existence serves. So many people feel lost. So many feel that they don’t know the very foundation of their being or why they exist at all. It seems as though nothing makes sense and life feels hard as they attempt to try to make things happen from a state of disconnection from themselves. When we don’t know why we are we feel helpless, like a circumstance to life, like a product of our environment of which we are powerless too. It seems life can give and take things from us. It seems like we have no control over it all.

When we know why we are and we align our entire self with that knowing, we live without any agenda and nothing can interfere with what we know ourselves to be. What we be, we are, and we give. Our need to manipulate or control life to our desired appearance or picture ends. All we care about is who we are, why we are and being that. The outcome of anything ceases to matter at all. This is freedom. This is the full exercise and expression of our free will. This is living power and the recognition that nothing can take that from you. No person, no decision, no structure outside of yourself, and no inner thought, story, sensation or feeling can take away why you are.

Why you are is not what you do. What you do is informed by why you are when you know why you are, but what you do is not why you are. You did not come here to be a doer. You do not exist to do. Doing is rather an extension or means of sharing why you are, but it is only a means to share and not the reason you exist. So often we confuse why we are with what we do. When we are more identified with our body, our personality and the things of our life, then we are with why we are, we feel at threat, unstable and we attempt to control all the parts and pieces of life. When we are rested in why we are, the endless stream of thoughts about past and future pause. You stop focusing on what you are doing and rather focus on why you are doing. The ‘what’ seems almost trivial as you recognize that it is not the purpose or intention, but only a way to express the intention. At first this can be a bit much to really look at as we gain so much of our identity, value and worth through what we do. We may not want to let go of the doer/doing as our identity. Yet as you reorient to why you are you will find freedom through letting go of the what, even if you worked really hard at creating it.


Why you are is who you are

The picture of why you are is different than the picture of what you think you want. The picture of why you are comes with what you want others to experience and know through your presence. This is way, way, way more simple than most people think. See because we don’t exist to do and make shit happen, because that is not who we are, we must look a little bit past the surface appearance of ourselves to see why we fundamentally exist in the first place. You may be wondering how to discover this for yourself. Start by locating a profound moment in your life. Perhaps a moment or some moments where you felt fulfilled or in a peak state of being. Notice what you felt. What was the essence that made up those experiences? What did you know or feel in those moments? See if you can find repeating patterns between moments. Is there a core theme? If that seems elusive to you then another way to discover ‘why you are’ is ask yourself: what do you want to leave the people of the world knowing? If you were to transition out of your body tomorrow what would you want people to know, feel or experience? Whatever words you can find to describe that feeling state of being or knowing is the reason why you are. It’s not more complex than that.

But boy do we love complexity. The more complex, complicated, and involved we can make it the better. The mind just loves to be lost in its own creation of conceptual confusion, meanwhile creating postponement for us in thinking about our purpose rather than living it or being it. The mind always thinks it needs more of something first before you can live or know your purpose. It needs more information, more learning, more money, more connections, more resources, more clarity, more self-worth, more love, more, more, more. It really is endless. Meanwhile while you’re busy feeling lost and confused, attempting to get more more more in order to be better, so you can know why you are and be of service, you could have just been being your calling.

Again your calling, purpose, intention, or why you are is not something you need to figure out. It is who you are. It is natural. It is present when you feel great and when you feel crappy. It is there when you are clear and when you feel confused. It’s available when you’re energized and when you’re tired. It exists no matter what actions, projects, activities or creations are being done or not. Why you are is not contingent on anything. When you deliberately use your awareness/focus and place it on why you exist, rather than on what you are doing, you turn the light up on your calling. You feel it more. You feel yourself become it more. You feel more aligned. Things flow differently for you because your focus is on why you are rather than what you’re doing or creating. Life responds to that. People respond to that. The truth is life and people are always responding to how you are being you, and when you deliberately align your focus with why you are, you have the experience of mountains moving without you having to physically move the mountain. What you want people to get they get. You are fulfilling your own mission for existing. You could even say your mission is complete and you are just dancing in the experience of it playing itself out. So for whatever reason you exist, whatever the intention for your being is, whatever you want to give the world or want the world to get by your presence, it’s here now. Always in the background and patiently waiting for you to use your focus and bring it to the foreground. To do so is live fulfilled.

Dr. Amanda Love

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