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You are a gift

Each of us is unique. An expression of the one infinite that no one else can be. While in essence we are all the same, each of us carries a unique flavor or frequency, which we share by being who we are and taking action in ways that excite us. You are ok just as you are. There is no one else that you need to be, or even that you could be for that manner. There is nothing you need to do except that which feels resonate with you. Yet we spend much energy thinking we must be like so and so, and that we must do more or do differently than what we desire to do. We create negative meaning about ourselves based on arbitrary stories of who we think we should be and what we should be doing. We then of course feel bad about ourselves, unworthy, not good enough and like we are failing our purpose. We don’t appreciate who we are or the flavor we express, which results in us not taking actions in ways we desire.

Why do we see others and appreciate or “envy” them while not appreciating or envying ourselves? Perhaps you think it’s self-absorbed to appreciate your own being. Maybe it feels awkward to you to like yourself and acknowledge how you contribute. Perhaps you’ve confused loving yourself with arrogance. Regardless of what it is for you there is likely self-denial of your own worth or refusal to see yourself as a gift. Imagine a world where we all saw ourselves as a gift. Since giving is inherent in being a gift, life would be an abundant resource of available energy for exchange with no depletion. By not seeing the magnificence of your own being you actually take energy out of the field of life rather than contribute to it. Seeing yourself as a gift is the least arrogant way of viewing.

Unwinding the story of arrogance and relaxing into yourself is not difficult. It requires no special skills, knowledge or profound healing experience, but instead requires only the inner permission to do so. There is no outside person, situation or force that will make you ok as you are. Only you can decide to be ok as you are and come to appreciate and like your own self. Seeing value in the unique expression that you are without adding anything to you is key to feeling like you are fulfilling your purpose for existing. The reason that so many feel lost without clear direction is not because there is a lack of guidance, but rather because there is a lack of self-appreciation and love. How on purpose you feel is directly related to how you feel about yourself. If you turn the pressure down on trying to be or do something other than you are and turn the appreciation up on yourself as you are, your calling or purpose will be clear to you.


No right or wrong

There is no right way to do life. There is also no wrong way. This is challenging for most people to accept. Regardless of how spiritual or evolved we think we are, most of us have judgment of self or others. What if you radically realized that you really don’t know either way or any way, what is really right or wrong. That your conceptions of rightness and wrongness are based only in what you’ve been conditioned to believe. If you cleared yourself of all beliefs there would only be pure meaninglessness or said another way, there would only be what is without thought about what is. Many will argue still that there is right and wrong, better and worse, good and bad, but what if there just is what there is. If we stopped judging what is and instead saw what is, we may surprise ourselves as to what it is we see. This state of clearness, of non-bias, is the essential ground from which you can effortlessly be and share the gift of you. Where you know how to serve, share or express the gift you are and participate with what is rather than think, strategize or attempt to figure things out.

Giving yourself the permission and freedom to stop judging life frees you up to be of service to it. When you no longer need to make a difference, only then can you actually make one. This is when simply being you, as you are, makes the difference. There is nothing out there, added or extra needed. There is only the unique expression of what you are to share without agenda of what will come forth from your expression. When you appreciate and know enoughness of what you are then enoughness is the result, but because we come from incompletion and attempting to get something to happen or to get somewhere, we never quite arrive.

All of this to say, and to give you permission if you so need it, to feel amazing about yourself. To embrace the unique expression of the one infinite that you are. The only things to clean up are those things in your mind or life that are inconsistent with you feeling amazing about who you are. You don’t have to clean up to be better, you don’t have to heal in order to be more, there is no more or better to get too. Dispel any of the beliefs that you have that this may be arrogant, dismissive or prideful. To feel bad about yourself and/or your expression is the true pridefulness. Recognize that where you are trying to ‘get’ to is simply to feel good, love/be yourself, and share your unique expression with others. There is also nothing others need to get or receive from you other than what you are.

Everything you could ever need will be met and taken care of once you embrace you. It’s the end of trying to get things, accomplish stuff or be loved by others in order to be ok. You will have all things you need, accomplish what is yours to accomplish and be rested as love when you accept your own inherent uniqueness as you are. No one else can be you. No one else can serve as you do. No one else can fulfill the that purpose you are. Be done trying to be or do something other than what you are. Discover the joy, freedom and love in being you and the wonder, awe and gratitude of what naturally expresses through.

Dr. Amanda Love

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