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Services 1:1

Services 1:1

Discover 1:1 offerings.  Any of these services can be booked by clicking the button below the specific service.  

Payment is due at time of booking.  

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Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching sessions help you recognize yourself as the source of your experience and clearly see what you are creating.  The aim is to "know thyself" through reflection and self-awareness, so that you can more effectively choose your preferred state of being.  


So often we default to the experience of life to tell us how we feel, what we think and what is possible, rather than resting in ourselves as the one in charge of how we experience our experience.  These sessions help you get clear mentally, physically or emotionally, so that you can be a pure channel for life, soul, and source to move through you.  

Even if you are seasoned spiritual seeker, meaning you've been on the path for a long time now, it's easy to keep what you know as conceptual information and not really live it.  I've noticed that when people have done a lot of inner work there can be some spiritual arrogance in thinking that something is already known because the concepts are familiar, but understanding along with aligned actions is what equals integration.


Sessions are $175 for 45 minutes.  

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Soul Transmissions

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Master your State of Being 1:1

Soul Transmission sessions are opportunities for Soul to Soul communication.  During these sessions Dr. Amanda Love will channel different sounds, tones and frequencies related to your intention for the session and transmit those to you.  


It is your responsibility to receive those transmissions at whatever capacity and relevance level you can.  Dr. Amanda does not interpret the information for you.  She does not ascribe meanings to the sounds and frequencies that come through.  If you are someone who needs or is looking for conceptual information then a Soul Coaching Session would be more relevant for you.  


Those who often perceive the most benefit from Soul Transmission sessions are those who have some availability to subtle energy and are able to receive without needing their minds to have logical and linear facts or information.


When relevant Dr. Amanda may speak more to your mind to help clear the channel of your system so that you are more able to receive. 

Sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes.  Cost is $175 per session.

If you are searching for 1:1 support rather than a group for the Master your State of Being program, or you are ready to start the program now and the group is in the middle of the live program, there is the option to do the 6 month program in a private container with Dr. Amanda Love.  

The private 6 month container includes: 

  • 2 -90 minute sessions/month for 6 months (12 calls)

  • Unlimited texting/email access between calls

  • Access to educational platform for homework, exercises & other materials

The focus is the same as the 6 month group program, however the calls are tailored specifically to you.  Cost for the program is $4500 if paid in full once accepted into the private 1:1 container. There is also a monthly payment option of $850/month.

For individuals who are enrolled in the live 6 month group program there is an option to receive 1:1 private sessions a la carte at $175 per 45 minute session.

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